CHAPTER 4: Where is Everyone

The Martyrs monument at Dzizernagapert in Armenia dedicated to the memory of the 1,500,000 Armenian victims of the genocide

Those who were fortunate enough to stay alive, migrated to the Middle East: Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan; and many others to Bulgaria, England, France, Italy and a very few to the United States of America.

And so Armenians were scattered all around, each one of them with a heart filled with grief for the loss of loved ones, each one with anger and pain in there souls. All with a single horrifying nightmare, filled with blood. All with the agony of the loss of their Motherland Armenia, with one of its most prized possession: Armenian Ararat, Noah’s mountain (Genesis 8:4).

From “them” came “us”:
The New Armenian Generations.


Martyrs memorial dedicated to the 1,500,000 Armenian victims of the genocide at the court of the Armenian Church in Marseilles.

Monument for the Armenian Martyrs Lebanon.

Armenia – The Land Of Ararat

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