CHAPTER 5: The Revenge

Have we sought revenge? throughout the years, there have been some who have taken the law in their own hands and punished the murderous turks responsible: Tehlirian, who, for months followed talaat pasha (the person who had Tehlirian’s family murdered in front of him), all the way up to Germany, to put a bullet through the devil’s head. Tehlirian was acquitted after months of trials and courts…

The “Lisbon Five”; five heroic Armenian youths set out from Lebanon to Lisbon, with the mission of capturing the turkish ambassador as a hostage. However, when they found themselves surrounded by Lisbon police, in the empty embassy building, from which the ambassador had already escaped, they stood in a circle with a bomb in the middle, holding each other’s hand and praying, and…BOOM… gave their life away in the name of Armenia, in the name of justice, in the name of the 1.5 million victims.

Has the Armenian nation pursued vengeance?

Our endurance, persistence, courage, strength and love of life has helped us to be where we are today: They tried to demolish us, they tried to wipe us off the face of this earth…We took on all the blows…and still turned our other cheeks. They “kicked” us when we were “down”…but we waited…then, we took a deep breath…opened our eyes, and realized we were still alive! ALIVE! After all that had happened…

We Survived

From the beginning Armenian
freedom fighters (FEDAYI’s)
fought against turkish
oppression. These FEDAYI’s
chose the path of “Liberty or
Death” (Mah gam Azadoutioun).
In the aftermath of the genocide
the evil architects of the
genocide were shot to death by
Armenian Avengers.• talaat was killed by
Shoghomon Tehlirian.said halim by
Arshavir Shiragian.jivanshiri by
Missak Torlakian.jemal by
Stepan Dzaghigian.

beheaeddin shakir by
Aram Yerganian.

Hagop Terjimanian
The First Holocaust

We Resurrected

and that is

Our Biggest Revenge!

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