Chapter 3: The Murder

Armenian men, being hung…

In the eve of April 24, 1915, the darkest night in the Armenian history, the young turks put the word out on the streets that turkey was at war and needed the helping hand of the “fellow” Armenians, aged 16 to 60. Armenians feeling grateful to the young turks for providing them a the promised “good life”, followed the turks, “blindly”, in the back of trucks with covers on them…so they wouldn’t know where the turks were taking them. Little did they know that their “fellow” turks were not leading them to war, but instead, to torture camps, equipped with “murder”. All the Armenian men, including doctors, lawyers, politicians, authors…the “brains” of each Armenian community…were tortured (nails plucked out, eyes burned by iron rods, blazing with heat), dismembered (ears, noses, lips, fingers, toes, limbs and even their heads cut off), burned in “cave” ovens, and crushed to death (they were forced into a cave, which the turks blew up, making the caves collapse).


…and then buried.

“…Feet, hands chests were nailed to a pien of wood, nail of fingers were torn out,
eyebrows were pulled out, feet were hammered with nails as they do with horses,
others were living with their feet up and heads down over closets…
Oh! How one would wish that all these facts were not true.”
H. Morgenthau (U.S. Ambassador in turkey)
in “The Tragedy Of Armenia”(1918)

Women and children driven to an Unknown Destination (picture taken by a German officer)


The turks did not stop there. The only Armenians left now were the helpless women, children and elders, who were absolutely ignorant as to what had happened to their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. They were easy preys to the vicious turks. All of them were forced to flee their homes with “promises” of going to a “safer” place…away from the war. Little did they know they were going to be forced south, to Syria, through the infamous Dier-el-Zohr desert, where famine, dehydration and death awaited them. Convoys consisting of the women, children and elders set out to the desert. During the long march, women were being raped. Those who wanted to avoid it, jumped in the rivers or committed suicide, as did the women who couldn’t bear the shame and humiliation. Children, most of them orphans now, were sold into slavery. Those who were very young, were given away to turks, to be raised as turks. Elders who couldn’t keep up with the convoy, were shot to death right there, in front of their families.


A million and a half Armenian were exterminated by 1916. The world was largely indifferent to their fate. (Shermer, p.135)

The turk’s goal was very simple, yet very heartless and barbarous: To kill every single Armenian except for only ONE to be displayed in the Museum of Ancient Civilizations.

Armenians slaughtered in ankara

Crying for the loss of their parents…

…no more tears…all drained out!

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